Barricades provide a good source of movable cover on the battlefield. Use them to your advantage.


Crates are destructible objects scattered on the battlefield. Destroying creates shortcuts otherwise unavailable.


Portals allow instant travel from one point of the map to the other. They also allow projectiles to pass through them allowing you to target enemies on the other side of the portal.


Conveyors allow fast travel along a straight path. They allow for quick repositiong and reaching important objectives.

Electric Fences

Electric fences block all projecticles passing through them. They provide quick cover from dangerous situations and can be used to bait enemies.

Air Vents

Air vents periodically let our steam that damages tanks coming in contact with them. They hold important objectives so think twice before going over one.


Camoflages your tank giving it inivisiblity for a time.


Freezes your opponents to a standstill making them easy hit. But, be careful, they can still attack you!


Makes you completely impervious to all incoming damage for sometime. Nothing comes without a cost, wehn Invinsibility ends, your tank shuts down for sometime as well. You recive reduced incoming damage while shut down.


Reduces the enemies attack speed over time, while bringing it to a standstill. The enemies slowly gain the speed back.