Team Deathmatch

Take up arms with your teammates & destroy the enemy team. Only one team will survive the onslaught, is your team ready?


In this arena, every tank is for itself. Fight against all your opponents while they fight amongst themselves. Be the last tank standing.

Tank Ball

Ever played football with tanks? Heres your chance. The objective of the game is score against your opponents with help of your tank. In this mode all tanks run at the same speed.

King Of The Hill

Hold the hill for the most time in the game, while defending it from your enemies. The one who is successful in doing so, becomes the King of the Hill.

Capture The Flag

Capture the enemy flag, survive the trip back to your base & brag victory to your opponents. While you are doing so, don't let your enemy take your flag.


Capture & hold strategic points in the map for your team. The longer you hold the points, the more chances you have for victory over your opponent!

Search & Destroy

Take the bomb to the enemy stronghold, plant the bomb in the enemy stronghold, detonate the bomb in the enemy stronghold, watch it blow up to smithereens.

Bounty Hunt

A tank is wanted! You are a bounty hunter! Shoot first, never ask questions!

Community Vote

You decide!! Send us ideas on what would you like to see as the next game mode or vote for your favourite mode from a list provided by us.